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We thank all of our 2023 interns who helped contribute to our success this year.



Junior Marketing

I'm a third-year Journalism Specialist student at the University of Toronto Scarborough.
I look forward to advancing my web content skills and growing my marketing knowledge from a business perspective as a Point11 intern.
Some of my hobbies include binging my favourite comfort shows, going on walks, and discovering new cafes with my friends.

Theresa Balocating | LinkedIn



Junior Business Analyst

Brock University

I'm a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Business Administration - Goodman School of Business at Brock University.

Along with my education, experience in customer-facing roles have led me to grow an interest in the consulting world. 

Within my time as an intern, I aim to contribute to the success of Point11 while further developing my applicable skills.

My hobbies include fitness, reading, and trying new things. My main goals are to gain enough relevant experience to become a consultant and consistently improve in any way I can.

Bronson Bautista | LinkedIn



Junior Business Analyst

Wilfrid Laurier University

I'm a third-year Arts and Management student at Wilfrid Laurier University specializing in English with a Business Management option.

After a year as a Junior Accounting Clerk intern, I decided to focus in 2022 to further utilize my accounting knowledge as a Junior Business Analyst at Point11 focusing on Finance. 

My hobbies include basketball and playing video games with my friends.

Interns: 2023: Press Kit
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