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Navision - Y2K

In 1999, Minto Developments Inc. a real estate company headquartered in Ottawa, ON discovered that their current financial and procurement software did not meet the Y2K standards.  They needed a customizable ERP software and they needed it to be implemented fast.

Our founder, Oliver Lamaca, was assigned to the team to implement Navision 2.01 in less than 3 months before the Y2K bell rang in the new year.  After the Y2K rollout, Oliver took over as the project lead to develop a custom repairs and maintenance functionality within Navision to provide service maintenance for their rental properties.

For over six decades Minto has successfully built a fully-integrated real estate company that can meet the needs of any individual, family, investor, or business.

Note: Minto has since converted to a Enterprise ERP solution that is better suited for their real estate and construction development needs.


Navision - The Original Business Central

Before Business Central there was Navision.  Back in 2001, Commercial Alcohols needed a customizable ERP software to solve their unique ethanol fuel and alcohol manufacturing processes across 3 locations in North America.  They chose Navision and our founder Oliver Lamaca was tasked to architect a custom solution running on Navision 2.60 which they are still using today nearly 20 years later.

Today, Commercial Alcohols is called Greenfield Global, a leading producer and supplier of high-value, mission-critical raw materials, ingredients, and additives that are vital to businesses and integral to a lower-carbon economy across 15 locations worldwide.

In 2020, Greenfield engaged with us to help guide their internal team to deploy this solution at their new plant in Portaloise, Ireland.

Note: Greenfield is currently implementing Dynamics Finance & Operations, an Enterprise ERP solution  to replace their existing system.  F&O is in the same Dynamics 365 family as Business Central which is designed for the SMB market.


Dynamics 365 Business Central - Re-Implementation

UCAN Fastening Products is a Toronto, ON based supplier of high quality masonry and metal fasteners to the construction industry.

After a failed Dynamics NAV 2017 on-premise implementation with their original partner, UCAN contacted us through our partner Enginess.  We performed a full re-implementation converting their NAV 2017 database to Business Central in the cloud with integration to InsightWorks' Warehouse Insight WMS and Barcoding system to help solve their supply chain and inventory warehouse management needs from procurement to sales and all aspects of finance.


Dynamics 365 Business Central - Project Costing

Weaver Technologies from Frederiksburg, TX is an IT service provider working with organizations to develop IT strategies and enhance security for their daily operations. 

Weaver was looking to replace QuickBooks because it wasn't providing them the project costing analysis they needed, when they reached out to us for help.  We implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with integration to Gorilla Expense to help them manage their sales, procurement, financial and project costing requirements.


Dynamics 365 Business Central - Supply Chain

Precision Biomonitoring is a Guelph, ON company that provides industry-leading expertise in molecular detection of organisms.

Precision Biomonitoring was having no luck implementing Business Central with their current partner, so they engaged with us to help complete their project.  We got them up and running with warehouse and inventory management, phase one of their Business Central project to help solve their immediate supply chain and inventory needs within one month.  Months later, we completed the rest of finance and operations including assembly management.


Dynamics 365 Business Central - Support

Pico Hospitality is a market leading entrepreneurial company based in Toronto, ON, with strong presence across the U.S. and Canadian markets providing the largest selection of food warming and cooling solutions in the market.

Pico's Business Central implementation with their original partner was not a success, so they reached out to another partner for support and to help correct their original poor implementation. 

Unfortunately, their second partner was also unable to help stabilize their implementation.  Third time is a charm with us and they are now stable with an ERP system that meets their needs.

Our success is measured by our clients' referrals and recommendations because we are able to deliver on their needs and expectations.